Cesurbend Tube & Pipe Bending Mach.With Spare Parts Ltd.Co.

Our firm, which was founded in Bursa in 2005, serves in the field of pipe and tube bending machines since this date. After proving itself in this area, he began expanding the product range, starting with the production of notching machines.From 2014 onwards, CESURBEND brand continued to produce with the principle of trust and honesty, as stated in the slogan "Trust us, because CESURBEND made it ...". While continuing to work on every area where metal is shaped, our company, which renews itself by continuously working on research and development, also takes care to meet customer demands fast and high quality.

It mainly operates in a variety of fields including hospital equipments, furniture sector, agricultural machinery sector, park and garden equipments, educational tools and equipments sector, yacht-ship sector, construction sector, automotive sector, food equipments sector, heating and cooling sectors.

Under Cesurbend brand; hydraulic pipe and tube bending machines, mandrel-non mandrel pipe and tube bending machines, double head pipe and tube bending machines, three roll pipe and tube bending machines, pipe polishing machines, tube end forming machines, horizontal press machines, plaster type profile bending machines we continue to manufacture machines that meet world standards for our domestic and foreign customers in the production of accessories and spare parts.

Our company also reflects the quality of the products produced in Bursa outside the country. Exported countries include the Netherlands, USA, Uzbekistan, Poland, England, Qatar, BAE, Ireland, Kosovo, Jordan, Afghanistan, South Africa, Serbia, Estonia, Germany, India, Lithuania, Romania, Georgia, France, Albania, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan , Bulgaria, Kuwait, Iraq, Israel, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Denmark.

Our company, which added the Bravebend brand to the organization in 2017, has never forgotten the morality that is behind its work. With the Cesurbend-Bravebend brands, it participates in domestic and international fairs and allows the sharing of thoughts, wishes and expectations by lifting the physical distance between the customers.

Our company continues to produce in 1000 square meter factory in Bursa, and continues to meet customer demands in the fastest and highest quality.