PP-114 Pipe Polishing Machine

Product Details:

-PP-114 Pipe polishing machine is the ideal choice to cleaning and polishing the surface of round, oval and elliptical pipe.
-PP-114 with the gear system of pipes allows to get the best results in the corrugated pipe.
-Automatic feeding system pushed in straight pipe safely and automatically to the end of the process station to ensure these appropriate and high yields results.
-2 set of abrasive belts included as Standard equipment(With seperate motor.)
-Manual pipe clamping adjustment
-Fixing attachment fort he motor
-Opening cover for changing the belts and cleaning
-Holder for manual feding
-Can polish bended pipes
-No need to turn the material on auto feeder system model PP-114

Technical Information

Model PP-114
Working Capacity (mm) 10-114
Max.Length of Feeder (mm) 355
Number of Abrasive Belt 2
Rotation Speed of Abrasive 3-22
Belt Dimension (mm) 940x50
Engine Power (kW) 5
Machine Weight (kg) 265
Machine Width (mm) 1000
Machine Length (mm) 1000
Machine Height (mm) 1300

Usage Areas

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