PBCM-51 Pipe and Tube Bending Machine

Product Details:

-Hydraulic pipe bending machine works with oil press.These machines have central bending dies that fit the pipe diameters to be bended.Bending dies are made according to the elbow and bridge bends.

-PBCM-51 model performs bending operation by using double piston.

Technical Information

Model PBCM-51
Max. Pipe Diameter 51
Max. Wall Thicknes (mm) 3
Max. Bending Radius (mm) 250
Max. Bending Angle (°) 190
Bending Speed (0/sn) 70
Engine Power (kW) 5,5
Machine Weight (kg) 1050
Machine Width (mm) 1150
Machine Lenght (mm) 3500
Machine Height (mm) 1150

Usage Areas

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