PBCNC-38 Pipe and Tube Bending Machine

Product Details:

-The bending system is controlled by double piston,hydraulic and sprocket. (C axis)
-Carriage (Y-axis) by servo motor.
-Rotation by servo motor, grip by hydraulic. (B-axis)
-Thanks to the motion controller, two axis movements can be made at the same time in pipe movements.
-All auxiliary movements are hydraulically operated(mandrel,clamp die,support,pusher,collet and shaft carrier)
-Hydraulic oil cooling with electric fan
-Foot pedal for safe start
-Possibility of working 4 mt of mandrel-non mandrel
-Optional tool lubrication system
-22 "touch PC Panel.Turkish and English language option
-Manual and automatic operation option
-Possibility to store the program written on the computer with a USB key input
-Setting servo motor speeds via wire
-3D pipe and profile bending preview simulation
-Remote access to PLC source program
-Automatic pipe length calculation
-Pop-up alarm page

Technical Information

Model PBCNC-38
Max. Bending Capacity (mm) Ø38x3
Max. Bending Radius (mm) 250
Min. Bending Radius (mm) 15
Min. Bending Radius for Max.Tube Outside Diameter (mm) 58
Max. Bending Angle (°) 185
Standard Length Over Mandrel (mm) 2000 (Customer offers)
Max. Bending Speed (r/min) 0-8
Max.POB (B Axis) (r/min) 0-30
Max. Feeding Speed (m/min) 0-40
Hydraulic Engine Power (kW) 5.5
Hydraulic Work Pressure (bar) 200
Machine Weight (kg) 2500
Machine Width (mm) 1200
Machine Length (mm) 3000
Machine Height (mm) 1700
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Usage Areas

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