PBCNC-50 Pipe and Tube Bending Machine

Product Details:

-CNC bending machines work similarly to other methods.The track servo drives control the distance between the curve and the curve surface.Carrier system is standard equipment.Bending movement and sequence, part data storage and other parts are automatically controlled by the computer.The operator attaches the pipe to the machine, carries out the start button, the machine bends the pipe, the operator takes the pipe from the machine and the same operations are performed again.
-Pictures of the pipes to be bent are prepared and loaded onto the computer in the control panel.It is executed by issuing the necessary commands.CNC pipe bending machines used to make precision bends twist the same piece at different angles and dimensions.

Technical Information

Model PBCNC-50
Max. Pipe Diameter 50,8
Min. Pipe Diameter 6
Max. Wall Thickness (mm) 2
Max. Bending Radius(mm) 200 (Customer Offers)
Min. Bending Radius(mm) 1,5 D (Customer Offers)
Max. Bending Angle Degree (°) 220
Feeding Speed Y axis (mm/sec) 1100
Rotating Speed Y axis (Deg/Sec) 200
Bending Speed C axis (deg/sn) 100
Feeding (mm) 0,1
Rotating (mm) 0,1
Bending (mm) 0,1
Length Over Mandrel (mm) 2500 (Customer offers)
Max. Hydraulic Pressure (Bar) 120
Oil Tank Capacity (lt) 220
Operating Voltage 380 V-50 Hz-3P
Electrical and Electronics Schneider
Engine Power (kW) 11
CNC Controller PLC Mitsubishi
Hydraulics Parts Rexroth-Yuken
AC Servo Drives Motors Mitsubishi

Usage Areas

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