PBCNC-65 Pipe and Tube Bending Machine

Product Details:

-The bending system is controlled by double piston, hydraulic and sprocket. (C axis)
-Carriage (Y-axis) by servo motor.
-Rotation by servo motor, grip by hydraulic. (B-axis)
-Thanks to the motion controller, two axis movements can be made at the same time in pipe movements.
-All auxiliary movements are hydraulically operated(mandrel,clamp die,support,pusher,collet and shaft carrier
-Hydraulic oil cooling with electric fan
-Foot pedal for safe start
-Possibility of working 4 mt of mandrel-non mandrel
-Optional tool lubrication system
-22 "touch PC Panel.Turkish and English language option
-Manual and automatic operation option
-Possibility to store the program written on the computer with a USB key input
-Setting servo motor speeds via wire
-3D pipe and profile bending preview simulation
-Remote access to PLC source program
-Automatic pipe length calculation
-Pop-up alarm page

Technical Information

Model PBCNC-65
Max.Pipe Diameter 65
Max.Wall Thickness (mm) 3,5
Max.Bending Radius (mm) 250
Max.Bending Angle (°) 190
Mandrel Length (mm) 4000
Bending Accurancy (mm) 0,01
Oil Tank Capacity (lt) 120
Max.Hydraulic Pressure (bar) 220
Machine Weight (kg) 3450
Machine Width (mm) 1200
Machine Length (mm) 7100
Machine Height (mm) 1700
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Usage Areas

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