PN-90 Notching Machine

Product Details:

-Charge to easily ability to open suitable dovetails according to the pipe and tube diameters with the help of processing drum.
-Ability to tighten and loosen the parts quickly as a result of moving clamp.
-Ability to opening dovetails up to 50.
-Oppurtunity of welding the pipe to 4" pipe.
-Double-sided fence with a measurement accuracy of the system.

Technical Information

Model PN-90
Capacity (mm) 17-90
Engine Power (kW-d/dk) 3-2800
Mandrel Diameters (Ø) 19-21-25-32-38-42-48-51-60-76
Abrasive Dimension (mm) 1250x100
Machine Weight(kg) 200
Machine Length (mm) 1000
Machine Width (mm) 1000
Machine Height (mm) 1150
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Video 2 (Opsiyonel Pnömatik Mengene)
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Usage Areas

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